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what’s next?

Up next is Scheduling your Estimate Appointment! A member of our team will be in touch within 1 Business Day via phone, text, and/or email to assist in scheduling your FREE professional estimate appointment! If you would like to schedule an estimate now, please call our office at (864)209-1335 !

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About Scheduling…

By choosing to complete our website form, you are helping our Customer Service Team to make your scheduling experience much faster and easier! Go You!!

Our Customer Service Team may still need more clarity about…

  • Project Details, Plans, Specs, and/or Photographs

  • Timeline - When are you hoping/planning to have your project completed?

    • Estimates expire after 30 days, if not approved. If your estimate expires before you have approved it, then our Sales Representatives may have to re-estimate the cost of your project before you are able to move forward.

    • Our production schedule varies, but is typically somewhere between 3-8 weeks out from the date you approve your estimate, depending on many factors such as seasonal demand, project size and location, and more. Urgent requests may be considered for earlier production dates when available, but it cannot be guaranteed.

  • Budget - How much are you expecting to have to spend on this project?

    • Our Customer Service Team will ask about your budget to try to verify that your price expectations are accurate, provide clarity about our minimum starting price, and to give our Sales Team insight for the best way to help you meet your needs with consideration to your budget.

    • Not sure what goes into pricing a concrete project? Click Here to Learn More

Do i need to prepare for an estimate?

The short answer? No. Our Sales Representatives are trained to gather the information required for estimating and producing concrete projects.

However, there is some information that you can gather that can be helpful for your dedicated Sales Representative to estimate the best project design to meet your needs! Some of that information includes…

Engineered Blueprints, Plans, and/or Specs for projects such as Retaining Walls over 4ft in height, Ramps, Foundations, etc.

Dimensions of Existing Structures

Especially the depth of any existing structures that may require demolition

Estimated Dimensions of the Desired Project

Having a General Layout or Knowledge of Utility Line Placement on Your Property

Photos of the Intended Project Area

HOA Requirements, and/or Approval (if applicable)

Awareness of Property Easements (if applicable)

If available, you should consider providing the information listed above to your Customer Service Representative upon scheduling, so that they can better prepare your Sales Representative for your appointment!

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