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Join The Success.

Join the JCC Team.

At J. Callahan Concrete, we believe in going above and beyond to serve our customers and each other! Interested in becoming part of our team?

We’re always accepting applications!

REMINDER: Send your resume to and complete the assessment linked on this page in order to finalize your application!!

!! If applying to be a Concrete Finisher, please complete the application form below. No additional steps are required to apply for this position !!


!! Si solicita el puesto de Terminador de concreto, complete solo la solicitud. No se requieren pasos de solicitud adicionales para este puesto. !!

Applicant Links
Job openings 

Office, Production, & Sales Positions

The following positions are required to provide an introductory email with an attached resume, and submit the Innermetrix DISC Assessment the following for your application to be considered for employment. 

Laborer Positions

The following positions are NOT required to complete any additional application steps. Please complete and submit the Application Form.

  • Concrete Finisher

  • Grader/Laborer

Introduction Email *

*Concrete Finishers are not required to complete this step. Please check the box anyway.*

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Become a Sub.


Interested in working with J. Callahan Concrete? Complete the Application Below!

REMINDER: Send all Documents and Proof of Qualifications to !!!

Introduction Email *

*Concrete Finishers are not required to complete this step. Please check the box anyway.*

Please indicate which of the following documents and qualifications that you are able to provide...
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The Hiring Process.

Applicant Stage

  1. Complete the Application Form on the Careers page of our website

  2. Send an email to to introduce yourself, and attach your resume

  3. Complete the Innermetrix DISC Assessment at 

    1. Once completed, your assessment results are automatically submitted to our hiring staff for review. 


Phone Interview Stage

  1. Our hiring manager will review the materials you provided in the APPLICANT STAGE and will contact you to schedule a phone interview if you are selected to move forward in the hiring process.

  2. The phone interview will last approximately 15-45 minutes and consist of general questions regarding your work history, educational background, and working style.

In-Person Interview & Evaluation Stage

  1. If you are selected to move forward in the hiring process, the hiring manager will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. 

  2. You will meet with 1-3 senior-level managers for a 30-60 minute in-person interview. 

  3. Depending on the nature of the position you are interviewing for, you may be asked to complete a knowledge and/or skills assessment while in-office.

Final Decision Stage

  1. If you are selected for the position, you will receive an official offer of employment via email. To accept this offer, you should sign and return the offer letter promptly. Offers may be extended to multiple candidates simultaneously, so it is important to make your acceptance prompt. 

  2. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your application, please contact our hiring manager at

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