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Concrete 101

What is concrete?

Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time. Concrete is NOT cement, rather cement is just one ingredient in concrete!

FUN FACT: Concrete is the second-most-used substance in the world after water, and is the most widely used building material!

The Composition of Concrete

Concrete Pour & Finish

There are several methods of finishing concrete! The three finishes we see most often at J. Callahan Construction are Broom Finish, Slick Trowel Finish, and Stamp & Stain. Stamp & Stain designs can vary widely in texture and color!

The concrete process - summarized

  1. Grade

    1. Demo (if needed)

      1. If there is any existing concrete or asphalt, then we’ll need to move it out of the way so that we can….

    2. Determine grade elevation

    3. Level and compact the dirt in the area where concrete will be poured

    4. Check for proper water drainage

    5. Why is this important?

      1. Avoid water drainage issues with neighbors and/or HOA’s

      2. Reduce settling over time

  2. Prep

    1. Layout the pour area

    2. Stake out the form boards

      1. Standard form boards: 2x4

    3. Verify 4” thickness using String Test

    4. Confirm proper slope for water drainage

      1. Final confirmation performed using a lazer and/or level before the pour

    5. Place PVC, Conduit, or Corrugated Pipe (if needed)

    6. Re-affirm measurements and design are ready for pour

  3. Pour

    1. Concrete gets delivered, poured, spread, floated, and….

  4. Finish

    1. Once concrete has been poured to the desired thickness, it’s time to do the finishing work!

      1. This process varies based on the chosen finish, but essentially entails drawing or stamping some kind of design into the uncured concrete!

    2. Add control joints in concrete every 10-12ft per industry standard


  1. Reach out to J. Callahan Construction by…

    1. Calling our Office at (864)209-1335

    2. Contacting us via forms on our Website

  2. The JCC Office Team Schedules an Estimate

    1. If the Website Form is used, the JCC Team will call to schedule!

  3. At the Estimate Appointment…

    1. One of our Expert Sales Managers will…

      1. Evaluate project needs and preferences

      2. Gather photos and information to build a professional blueprint and price estimate

  4. Design & Estimate Review

    1. Customers have the opportunity to review Blueprint Designs & Price Estimates electronically.

      1. If necessary, Customers may seek HOA approval using these documents.

  5. Sign Paperwork

    1. Once approved by the Customer and/or the HOA, digital signatures are collected.

  6. Schedule Production Walkthrough

    1. One of our Production Managers will work with the Customer to Schedule the Production Walkthrough, typically about a week before work is scheduled to begin.

  7. Production Walkthrough Appointment

    1. The Production Manager will..

      1. Collect the Deposit

      2. Complete Walkthrough Form

      3. Assist the Customer in making Change Order Requests, if necessary.

      4. Depending on the needs of the project, some areas may be marked off at this time.

  8. Demo & Pour Dates

    1. Break Ground & Get Working!

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